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2021 Annual Meeting Held

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The Annual Meeting of the U.P.G.A. was held on Saturday, October 30 at Terrace Bluff Golf Club.  Fourteen clubs had representatives in attendance.

The Secretary/Treasurer provided the membership with a financial report while tournament hosts North Shore and Escanaba Country Club reported on the Senior Championship and the UP Championship respectively.  Marc Gilmore reported on the success of the Jr. Tour program that recently completed its tenth season.

The majority of the meeting was spent discussing the parameters of hosting the 72-hole UP Championship.  Pine Grove, the 2022 host, was initially seeking to reduce the tournament from 72 to 54 holes, but agreed to a four-day event as is required by the By-Laws.  Pine Grove also asked to move the event from the second week of August, which is specified in the By-Laws to an earlier week.  It was decided that moving the championship to another week would negatively impact tournaments that have traditionally been scheduled to avoid the traditional second week of August.  The tournament will be held the second week of August, Thursday through Sunday, beginning on August 11.

The Association will work to create an official logo that can be used for letterhead, envelopes, trophies and possibly for flags for the two championships.

Click to view the minutes of the 2021 Annual Meeting (pdf)