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Senior Tournament

Click To Download the Complete 2018 UP Senior Tournament Results (pdf)

2018 Senior Tournament Medalist and Championship Flight Winner Scott Saari

Scott Saari of Wawonowin Country Club captured Medalist Honors and the Championship Flight at Marquette Golf Club’s Heritage Course with an outstanding score of 71-73: 144. 

2018 First Flight Winner

Joe Strong representing Ontonagon Golf Club won the First Flight with a 78-71 score of 149.

2018 Second Flight Winner

Mike Nelson of Wawonowin Country Club claimed the Second Flight with an 81-72 score of 153.

2018 Third Flight Winner

Glen Reinke from Little River Country Club was the Third Flight winner with an 84-77 score of 161.

2018 Fourth Flight Winner

Jim Wickstrom representing Indian Hills Golf Club captured the Fourth Flight with an 85-78 score of 163.

2018 Fifth Flight Winner

Ron Maki of Marquette Golf Club was the Fifth Flight winner with an 89-85 score of 174.

2018 Sixth Flight Winner

Mark Martini from George Young Golf Club was the Sixth Flight winner with a 94-84 score of 178. (Picture not available)

2018 Seventh Flight Winner

Marvin Meyers representing Marquette Golf Club captured the Seventh Flight with a 98-85 score of 183.

Marquette Golf Club Captures 2nd Annual Senior Team Championship

2018 Marquette Golf Club Team Champion Members:
Kevin Salmela, Mike Ward, Austin Hummell, Bob Barkowiak and Rich Ledy

Click To Download the Past U.P.G.A. Senior Champions (pdf)

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