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UPGA Champions and History

2019 – (105th Annual)
Played at Terrace Bluff Golf Club

Champion:  Brian Douglas – Gladstone
Runner-up:  Mark Clement – Wawonowin
Team Champion:  Terrace Bluff

2018 – (104th Annual)

Champion:  Hunter Eichhorn – Oak Crest
Runner-up:  Mark Clement – Wawonowin
Team Champion:  Pine Grove

2017 – (103rd Annual)
Played at Wawonowin Country Club

Champion:  Gunnar Stein – Portage Lake
Runner-up:   Josh Koskinen – L’Anse
Team Champion:  Wawonowin

2016 – (102nd Annual)
Played at Sault Ste. Marie Country Club, MI

Champion:  Frank Kuchar – Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.
Runner-up:  Matt Argall – Terrace Bluff
Team Champion:  Gladstone

2015 – (101st Annual)
Played at Little River Country Club

Champion:  Matt Argall – Terrace Bluff
Runner-up:  Jim Markell – Pine Grove
Team Champion:  Riverside

2014 – (100th Annual)
Played at Gladstone Golf Club

Champion:  Joe Quinn – Gladstone
Runner-up:  Brian Smith – The Crossings (Sault, MI)
Team Champion:  Riverside

2013 – (99th Annual)
Played at Indian Lake Country Club

Champion:  Scott Lancour – Escanaba CC
Runner-up:  Mike Nagy – Indian Lake
Team Champion:  Riverside

2012 – (98th Annual)
Played at Pine Grove Country Club

Champion:  Jim Markell – Pine Grove
Runner-up:  Dan Ellis – Wawonowin
Team Champion:  Wawonowin

2011 – (97th Annual)
Played at Marquette Golf Club

Champion:  Dan Ellis – Wawonowin
Runner-up:  Eric Johnson – Marquette
Team Champion:  Wawonowin

2010 – (96th Annual)
Played at Sault Ste. Marie Golf Club, Ontario

Champion:  Paul Baycroft – Crimson Ridge
Runner-up:  Frank Kucher Jr. – Crimson Ridge
Team Champion:  Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

2009 – (95th Annual)
Played at Oak Crest Golf Club

Champion:  Jon Ellis – Pine Grove
Runner-up:  Chad Tirschel – Oak Crest
Team Champion:  Pine Grove

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